MECI becomes member of CIB


The Italian Biogas Consortium represents the value chain of agricultural biogas and biomethane in Italy. The CIB, founding member of the EBA - European Biogas Association, contributes to the improvement, optimisation and innovation in the biogas production process.
With its biomethane injection systems MECI is a leading actor in the innovation of biogaz exploitation process. MECI designs, manufactures, and starts-up complete solutions covering the verification of the quality of biomethane from production and the injection into transportation or distribution network.

Complementary know-how between Clemessy and MECI enabled the delivery in 2017 of turnkey solutions (injection skids) to the main player in gas distribution in France, GRT Gaz.

In 2018 MECI has developed the MGC16, a new generation modular multi-component analyser covering all requested analysis for biomethane pre-qualification, custody transfer and odorization: H2S, H2O, O2, N2, THT, TBM, C12, Wobbe, HHV, LHV, Relative Density etc.
This innovative system has won GRTgaz Open Innovation Award.
With this membership, MECI places its know-how at the service of the development of Italian biomethane sector!

Logo of the CIB association

Logo of the CIB association