Analysis systems

CVM16, gas calorimeter

The CVM16 is a device that determines the calorific value of gas, certified according to OIML R140. It allows a very fast measurement (every 2 seconds) without carrier gas. Its T90 is 22 seconds with a repeatability of 0.02%.
Its ATEX design allows it to be installed as close as possible to the piping and the sampling point.

As an option, the CVM16 makes it possible to measure the LCV and the Wobbe Index, whatever the reference conditions for the measurement.

The CVM16 calorimeter is equipped with a 4-20 mA output with HART protocol to transmit its measurements. Two digital outputs allow you to copy a fault or control a solenoid valve as part of an automatic adjustment. In addition, it is equipped with a display screen, facilitating on-site operation.

The adjustment periodicity can vary from 3 months to 1 year depending on the application. The gas used for the adjustment is 99.995% pure methane gas, which greatly reduces maintenance costs compared to a certified standard mixture.

The CVM16 can be integrated into an instrumented housing equipped with all the necessary safety devices such as a safety valve, a pressure gauge, an anti-particulate filter, a membrane filter, flow meters, valves.

Our product has been developed according to the requirements of the Welmec 7.2 guide allowing us to carry out software developments without impacting the quality of the measurement.
Its weight, size and analysis time are advantages which facilitate its installation and operation.

The CVM16 comes in two versions:

The CVM16 version on sampling probe:
This version makes it possible to install our CVM16 system as close as possible to a measuring point.
It is easily installed without any special infrastructure. The sampling probe can be of various types and lengths depending on the dimensions of the installation pipes. It is equipped with an integrated trigger and the required filters and protections.
Our three-way valve makes it possible to select the gas to be analysed either coming from the sampling probe or from the adjustment bottle.
Our package is perfectly suited to your various industrial sites.

The housing version of the CVM16:
The housing version makes it possible to associate up to two surrounding CVM16s with all the necessary protections.
As an option, we offer a glass door, making it possible to view the data without opening the housing. The electrical connections are made through a pre-wired junction box. The pneumatic connections are made via the 1/8 OD connections available on the side of the housing.

It is a packaged product which provides you with ease of installation and use, deployed taking into account the requirements of your site.

Sectors of application:

  • Gas energy metering stations
  • Gas quality analysis
  • Combustion optimization for industrial boilers
  • Laboratory measurements, industrial site measurements
  • Biomethane injection station

Key advantages:

  • No carrier gas used
  • Very fast analysis time
  • Installation and operation in gas zone
  • No special maintenance
  • Certified according to OIML R140
  • Complies with Welmec Guide 7.2