Connected technology

Already recognized in the fields of gas and oil for its remote reading and remote monitoring equipment for production sites, our specialists have implemented a comprehensive system which today meets the expectations of Industry 4.0.

Relying on new communication technologies and the rise of “everything connected”, MECI offers its expertise to acquire, collect, transfer and analyse all the sensitive data from your facilities in real time.

An all-in-one solution

Our company offers ATEX-certified low-consumption equipments which can be installed directly on site and can acquire and read information from all other instruments.
To support the digitization of your facilities, our "SM@RT Suite" web application allows remote configuration, deployment of device updates and user-friendly exploitation of the data collected.

The SM@RT range:

  • The SM@RT U: the device for remote monitoring, remote management and low-energy remote reading of oil and gas sites
  • The SM@RT Logger: a communicating recorder capable of continuously recording your pressures, temperatures and flow rates.
  • The SM@RT Flow: certified communicating colume conversion unit

SM@RT Suite web application:

Based on the latest WEB technologies, the application makes it possible to:

  • Create, configure and maintain each device remotely
  • Manage all of the company's production sites as a whole
  • Monitor the industrial site’s entrances and exits
  • Analyse the information collected

This SM@RT Suite web application can be installed on the customer's site or is simply accessible through MECI's hosting offer: MyMECI Cloud.

MyMECI Cloud: the shared web infrastructure integrating the SM@RT Suite web application, made available by MECI, allows each customer to achieve rapid deployment of the application without any special computer skills.
Hosted by industry professionals, our solution ensures complete data security as well as a permanent backup. Accessibility to the SM@RT Suite web application is guaranteed for both users and devices which periodically refresh all the information.

Smart Management Tool

It is the local operating Bluetooth software which makes it possible to install, configure and maintain devices directly on the industrial site.

A user-friendly and adapted visualization of the industrial site’s data is accessible via the software’s graphic interface.