Connected technology

LOG15 site recorder

The LOG15 is a site recorder which can be used in the ATEX zone for recording any type of data. It operates in standalone mode thanks to its very low power consumption, with battery or solar panel power. Due to its modular design, the LOG15 is suitable for all market requirements in the field of oil and gas data acquisition and recording.

Its ATEX design allows it to be installed as close as possible to the piping and the measuring instrument. Its very low power consumption allows it to operate for 5 years in standalone mode while maintaining its performance.
Depending on the model chosen, the LOG15 makes it possible to record 4-20 mA inputs, low frequency inputs, high frequency inputs, digital inputs. As an option, the LOG15 can be powered by an external power supply.

The LOG15 has various communication features like modbus operating links. The LOG15 can record various pressure ranges available from 2 bar absolute to 100 bar absolute or relative.
The LOG15 can be incorporated into an instrumented housing facilitating the maintenance and verification operations.
The LOG15 is equipped with a removable memory card making it possible to record all the data as well as its configuration.

Main applications:

  • Gas Transmission and Distribution Networks
  • Monitoring and control of the pressure of gas delivery stations
  • Emergency metering on international stations
  • Industrial process control

Key advantages:

  • Simplification of on-site installation in hazardous areas
  • Fully autonomous operating mode
  • User-friendly operation locally or remotely
  • Extended recording and communication features
  • Large recording capacity: 5,000,000 pieces of data