Connected technology

SM@RT Logger, autonomous data recorder

The SM@RT Logger is the communicating recorder from the SM@RT range for monitoring and recording pressure, temperature and flow variations.
It is designed to be installed on various gas and oil production and distribution pipelines.

Associating it with its web application makes it possible to have a complete overview of the behaviour of a measuring point since it was brought into operation and throughout its operating life. The continuous recording of values with incidents being highlighted facilitates the job of analysing control point malfunctions.

Sectors of application:

  • Gas expansion station: monitoring of the pressure control
  • Pipeline under construction: leak testing
  • Delivery stations: pressure monitoring
  • Spot measurements: analysis of malfunction or transient phenomena

Key points:

  • Low consumption: 10-year battery life
  • Installation: directly in gas zone
  • 100% wireless operation: GPRS communication for remote and Bluetooth 4.0 LE operation locally
  • Turnkey solution: hardware (SM@RT U) and software (SM@RT Suite for configuration and operation)
  • Scalable system: The modularity of the SM@RT U makes it possible to adapt it to new communication technologies
  • 100% MECI solution: hardware and software fully developed by MECI
  • Storage capacity (storage): Unlimited archiving and recording