Connected technology

SM@RT Suite, remote monitoring software

SM@RT Suite is a WEB application for managing and monitoring your production sites. It centralizes all the information collected as well as the different configurations of your various monitoring points.

Installed directly on the client's servers or accessed on the MECI servers through MyMECI Cloud, the user immediately has a solution for remotely managing a fleet of remote monitoring devices.
Without any special knowledge, the operator will be able to visualize the operation of their facilities, be alerted in case of an alarm, remotely maintain and make assessments on all their company’s devices.

Sectors of application:

  • All industrial remote monitoring applications
  • In particular, all Oil and Gas sites: ATEX compatibility of the SM@RT range

Key points:

  • Complete turnkey solution: SM@RT Suite + SM@RT range devices form a complete application with no need for supervisors
  • Ease of implementation: no special IT skills required to use the application
  • Total inter-connectivity with our customers IT systems: development of customized gateways
  • Scalability of the Man-Machine Interface
  • Unlimited backup depth
  • High processing power
  • For MyMECI Cloud subscribers, no need to have an IT department: backups, access to services and confidentiality of data provided by the host