Maintenance and services

Maintenance and commissioning

Our specialists are approved to carry out legal metrological checks on facilities carrying out custody transfer of gas (transportation and distribution, in the gas or liquid phase), petroleum products (transportation by truck, wagon, ship and pipeline) and alcohol.

These checks are carried out with COFRAC connected standard equipment under the supervision of the official bodies in the countries where the equipment is installed.
Authorized personnel are provided with an identification mark issued by the Ministry of Industry which makes it possible to seal the equipment being monitored.

Maintenance contracts

In all areas of activity which MECI specializes in (gas metering, metering of petroleum products) the after-sales service carries out work with customers to perform the maintenance of their facilities:

  • Periodic revision with replacement of worn-out parts
  • Settings and calibrations
  • Metrological checks with certificates issued

Commissioning of new installations

After-sales service specialists travel to locations in France and abroad to handle the commissioning of these facilities. Their main tasks are as follows:

  • Supervision of wiring and connection work (piping, pumps)
  • Starting all the equipment supplied
  • Assistance for the acceptance of the works and training the personnel
  • Customer support in France and abroad
  • Putting turnkey facilities into service

Revamping and improvements to existing facilities

MECI operates in all sectors of industry on all types of facilities to carry out revamping. Our specialists provide supervision when dismantling old equipment and reassembling new products.

Our main service consists in providing the customer with a new, certified, more efficient facility, while maintaining the same operating conditions as on the previous one.

We guarantee metrological and electrical compliance.