Metering systems

CDN16 computer for gases and liquids

The CDN16 makes it possible to reliably produce gas or liquid metering units in accordance with international API, AGA, ISO, IP and other standards. It is ideal for metering applications concerning industrial gas and natural gas, crude oil, liquid refined products and liquefied gas as well as custody transfer metering operations.

The heart of the CDN16 family is a single module which can be used in various software and mechanical configurations.
Each module is a computer.
Various mountings such as the panel with its touchscreen, the single mounting with its integrated terminal strips and the rack supporting 8 modules make it possible to meet the requirements of the majority of metering architectures.

The CDN16 gas and liquid computer has an embedded web server. It offers you the possibility to configure and operate your installations with your web browser on your PCs, tablets and smartphones. Its communication drivers allow access to many meters (Coriolis, Ultrasonic meter) of various makes as well as many chromatographs.

Main applications:

  • Liquid applications: pipeline metering, truck loading unloading, wagons and ships; calibration/ prover system management and sampling
  • Gas applications: metering in production zones, international metering stations, pipeline interconnections, underground storage facilities, LNG terminals

Key advantages:

  • A versatile concept: modular design, module assembly flexibility, natural gas and industrial gas measurements, crude oil, LNG, LPG, refined products and saturated steam, freely configurable communication
  • Multitude of features: conventional type prover management, piston, master meter, sampling management, valves, batch, pressure regulation without external PLC
  • Constant product evolution: development of new features and adaptation to new metering standards (ex Gerg2008)
  • Additional Flow Xpress software allows advanced customization of menus, reports and communication interfaces, and even more in professional mode
  • Access to a Web service interface: reports displayed via the web interface or on the touchscreen panel