Metering systems

CDV15 site calculator for gas

The CDV15 is a certified volume conversion device for gas custody transfer metering. It allows metering operations concerning various types of gases such as combustible gases, pure gases.

Its ATEX design allows it to be installed as close as possible to the piping and the measuring instrument. Its very low power consumption allows it to be used for 5 years in standalone mode while maintaining its performance.
Depending on the model chosen, it allows metering by means of an orifice plate running on a battery or external power supply incorporating international calculation standards such as ISO5167 or AGA 3.
The CDV15 can be associated with high-frequency metering with the possibility of using a monitoring channel as well as various communication features such as connections with a chromatograph, several PLCs, 4-20 mA inputs and outputs as well as digital inputs and outputs.

It incorporates various calculation standards to perform its calculations such as GERG 88 and AGA 8, ISO 13343. The CDV15 can be integrated into an instrumented housing facilitating maintenance and verifications. Finally, the CDV15 is authorized for use and certified MID, ONML etc ... for custody transfer use in various countries.

Sectors of application:

  • Gas metering stations
  • Pay and check metering stations
  • Transport-distribution interface delivery stations
  • Industrial delivery station in distribution or transport
  • Electricity generating stations

Key advantages:

  • Low power consumption with battery life of 5 years, optional external power supply integrated into a robust housing
  • Compact design and installation directly in the gas zone
  • Easy local operation
  • 100% MECI solution with fully developed hardware and software
  • MID, ONML and other certifications