May 2018
To assert our common desire to develop the synergies all the offerings of Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, Meci has changed its name and become Eiffage Énergie Systèmes - Meci..

May 2016
MECI becomes part of Clemessy, a company which belongs to the Eiffage Energie Systèmes branch of the Eiffage Group.
Clemessy thereby strengthens its presence in the oil and gas market.

MECI joins Countum group and becomes a sister company of SATAM.
Development of comprehensive metering and automation solutions covering the entire oil and gas chain.

MECI expands its business to gas analysis and energy metering.
Development of the PES15.

Bristol MECI becomes MECI s.a.s. an independent company.
Development of the new product range: 15 Series and 12 Series.

Joins the English group Bristol Babcock Ltd.
MECI becomes Bristol-MECI Engineering Division of FKI Plc.
Development of the truck loading activity in addition to pipe and boat metering operations.

Strategic orientation towards turnkey gas projects.
Development of the oil products metering activity with the major oil companies.

Becomes part of the ELF Aquitaine group.
MECI continues its important transformation from process control to liquid and gas metering.

Design of the first computers for the liquid and gas metering activity.

Completion of the first projects in the field of monitoring & control and regulation.

Development of the first recorders, regulators, transmitters and valves for the chemical, oil and power plant sectors.

Creation of “Mesure Electrique Contrôle Industriel” MECI.
MECI is a licensed distributor of LEEDS & NORTHRUP instrumentation products.