Mass metering unit for refined products

Total Petrochemicals – Normandy Refinery, Gonfreville in France

  • Engineering, construction and commissioning of a measuring system for product transfer to the Normandy refinery
  • Design and manufacturing of the custody transfer metering bench according to the European MID directive
  • Supply of the metering computer incorporated into a pre-wired rack
  • Management of the metrological part incorporating on-site tests and metrological records and commissioning of the metering bench.

Custody transfer metering stations for natural gas, LPG and condensates

Sonatrach-Total-Repsol in Hassi Messaoud, Algeria

  • Supply of a metering skid in parallel configuration with two lines including a line in service and a backup line. Each line is equipped with an orifice plate and two sets of pressure and temperature transmitters along with two CDN12 computers
  • Supply of a redundant metering system, analysis system and supervision system associated with the management of calibration features.

Natural gas metering unit for thermal power station

Société Nationale des Hydrocarbures – Kribi Region in Cameroon

  • Design and manufacturing of a metering system installed at the point where the pipeline arrives in the thermal power station
  • Two metering ramps with pressure-reducing elements associated with a multi-line CDN16 flow computer
  • Supply of a chromatograph and a water and hydrocarbon dew point analyser
  • The CDN16 computer consists of three modules including two modules dedicated to each of the metering lines. Another module dedicated to the station performs the acquisition of gas quality
  • Supply of an Ethernet link which makes all the data acquired through a switch available to each CDN16 module.

Gasoil metering skid

SAMIR Refinery, Mohammedia–Satam

  • Supply of a diesel metering bench with two turbine meter lines, liquid filter, gas separator, set of valves and instrumentation
  • Supply of an enclosed CDN16 computer associated with an automation system and centralized supervision system which makes it possible to manage, control and monitor the entire system inside the Samir terminal.

Oil metering system

Total Qatar oil skid

  • Design and manufacturing of a cabinet which incorporates two redundant CDN16 computers
  • Management of an oil metering skid consisting of two lines with Coriolis meter, a system for measuring water, a sampling system representative of the delivery of the product, a calibration system
  • Development of a supervision system.

Natural gas metering skid

Petroineos - Lavéra, France

  • Design and manufacturing of a MID gas metering unit with a Coriolis meter, a separating filter, a set of valves and instrumentation
  • Supply of a CDN16 computer incorporated into a metering cabinet.