Custody transfer mass measurement system for LPG

Skhira Refinery - Tunisia
Société Nationale de distribution de Pétrole – Entrepose Contracting

  • Engineering and turnkey completion of a LPG liquefied hydrocarbons storage depot
  • Design and supply of five mass metering units for LPG assembled on skid with degassers and control valves
  • Design and manufacturing a metering cabinet equipped with five CDN16 computers, each dedicated to a metering bench.

LNG metering system


  • Design of a custody transfer LNG measurement system installed on a barge which transports LNG. This is the first of its kind for the North American marine market
  • Supply of a dynamic metering system to measure the quantities of LNG transferred during loading and unloading operations
  • Perfect mastery of the technologies implemented for this type of cryogenic application and supply of turnkey solutions incorporating: Coriolis mass meters, complete set of instruments, sampling probe with LNG vaporizer to feed a gas chromatograph
  • Supply of our CDN16 flow computer, which processes the mass and energy of the cargo and delivers the loading or unloading reports to meet the charterer’s commercial requirements.


  • Performance of an audit and compliance with the MID directive concerning a butane-propane liquid metering bench
  • Supply of a turbine meter, a DES16 densimeter, a gas separator, associated with an existing CDN12 computer.

Supervision and automation of LPG loading and unloading stations in France

TOTALGAZ Atlas Project

  • Engineering and completion of a local and remote monitoring system and automation of 15 LPG depots including seven blind depots (without permanent staff). Metering is done either with Coriolis mass flow meters and CDN12 computers, or with turbine meters and CDN12 computers
  • Automation of the loading and unloading stations incorporating communication with the driver on the supervision station (MMI), authorizing the loads according to the truck and driver, managing the loading / unloading cycle, managing safety devices.

Metering system for gas storage station


  • Redundant two-way fiscal metering including supplying three metering ramps equipped with orifice plate and chromatograph
  • Supply of a metering cabinet equipped with CDN16 flow computers, a PLC and a supervision system.